Rent a Piano Yamaha C6

Piano Yamaha C6

Rent a Piano Yamaha C6

Yamaha’s commitment to continuous evaluation of the main sound creation processes has turned the C-Series pianos into the world’s best-selling grand pianos.

The process of regulation, so technically demanding and that is fundamental for the superior tone of a grand piano, has received special emphasis in these instruments. Yamaha has dedicated countless hours to perfecting hammers, strings and balance of the damping mechanism, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that each and every note is faithful to the intentions of the pianist.


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Largo  212 cm
Ancho  154 cm
Alto  102 cm
Peso Neto   405 kg
Number of keys 88
Key Surfaces – White Ivorite
Key Surfaces – Black Wood Composite
Pedal Type Sostenuto
Lid Prop Positions 3
Lid Prop Safety Stop Yes
Edge Sculptured
Key Cover Lid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Key Cover Lid/Soft-Close Fallboard Yes

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